Urology & General Surgery

Step into a realm of life-saving expertise at our hospital's General Surgery Service, where our dedicated team excels in performing critical procedures such as appendectomy, splenectomy, and a wide array of surgeries essential for patient well-being. Beyond their surgical proficiency, our team possesses specialized knowledge and extensive experience in the comprehensive management of general surgery cases. This holistic approach covers the entire spectrum, from diagnosis through preoperative planning to operative procedures and postoperative care.

Committed to excellence, our General Surgery Service ensures the highest standards in patient care, providing a seamless and effective continuum of services for individuals requiring surgical interventions. We understand the importance of swift and precise interventions, and our team stands ready to deliver exceptional care with a focus on positive outcomes. Trust us to be your partner in health, where expertise, compassion, and commitment converge to provide you with the highest standard of general surgery care. Your well-being is our priority, and we are here to guide you through every step of your surgical journey with unwavering dedication.

Contact Info

  1. +251 113 48 60 51 (Chief Executive Direcor)
  2. +251 113 47 16 32 (Chief Clinical Director)
  3. +251 113 48 11 63 (Chief Academic Director)
  4. hospital@alertcsh.org
  5. Zenebework, Kolfe Keranyo Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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