Critical Care Unit

Welcome to the Alert Hospital Critical Care Unit, where our dedicated team is committed to delivering high-quality care for critically ill patients across all age groups, including neonatal, pediatric, and adult intensive care services. Operating 24/7, our well-equipped and contemporary Intensive Care Unit (ICU) provides comprehensive care to individuals facing severe illness or injury, ensuring that they receive the highest standard of medical attention at all times.

Supported by efficient manpower, our ICU actively participates in national and global initiatives, positioning itself as front-line responders in critical care. This commitment extends beyond our hospital walls, ensuring that our team remains at the forefront of advancements in critical care practices. As a result, our patients benefit from exceptional and responsive critical care services, with a focus on the latest medical technologies and evidence-based approaches.

At Alert Hospital, we recognize the unique needs of critically ill patients and strive to provide a supportive and compassionate environment where their well-being is our top priority. Trust us to be your choice in health, offering unwavering commitment and expertise in critical care services.

Contact Info

  1. +251 113 48 60 51 (Chief Executive Direcor)
  2. +251 113 47 16 32 (Chief Clinical Director)
  3. +251 113 48 11 63 (Chief Academic Director)
  5. Zenebework, Kolfe Keranyo Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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